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Screen projectors
screen projectors and home theaters

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Screen Projectors and Home Theaters

When we speak about screen projectors there are a few choices for any home heater. Many people fill their living rooms with huge big screen TVs. For many it is about seeing the sports events with life-size or bigger than life size figures. Home theaters and screen projectors is an iatrical part of our American lives.

The front projection system offers impressive video imaging and the options for massive pictures with clarity. These home theater systems with front screen projectors have made the competition savvy and competitive. Over the last few years the front screen projectors have decreased in cost and size as well. Now there is no need to have a huge box on the ceiling. Interestingly as the improvements have come the prices have come down also as the technology has gone up.

From all this we have seen two major types of projection technologies have emerged, the analog and the digital. Many have heard good things about both types of screen projectors. We want to explain the difference between the two types of projectors.

The analog projectors are based on CRTs, which stands for cathode ray tube. These are being phased out and digital screen projectors are the up and coming technology. The analog has been around for decades and has served us well. These are the projectors with the separate red, and green and blue picture tubes with the three lenses in front.

The digital screen projectors are the new comer in the last decade. This type of screen projector has three types of lenses. There is the LCD, which is the Liquid Crystal Display, DLP, which is the Digital Light Processor, and LCOS, which is Liquid Crystal on Silicon. As with anything there are advantages of each type of digital screen projector.

Every family has different needs and different wants. There are factors to consider when purchasing screen projectors for home theaters. Here are some questions to ask:

Is the room a multi use room?

What is your screen projector budget?

How much control overt he light do you have?

How large do you want the image to be?

What is your primary viewing? DVD movies? TV movies? Or Sports?

What media components will also be used with the screen projector?

What is the most important quality? Is it picture, sound or size?

Is the screen projector and media being installed by you are a professional?

The CRT screen projectors will give you the most film like images. These screen projectors do not have pixel structure. Properly set up, these screen projectors can offer stunning picture quality with the proper screen size. With the CRT screen projector it will be essential to use a very good quality projection screen. These come in rated grains. The level you will need is 1.3 - 2.5 grain. The demand for these types of screen projectors has gone done and so has the price. It is worth taking a look at. These type of screen projectors used to cost between $35,000 to $50,000. These are much lower than this now. Even ten years ago the price was $10,000 to $20,000, however, now these screen projectors cost far under $5,000 and some have been available for as low as $2,000. The hours of viewing time is between 8,000 to 10,000 hours. This requires specialized set up for the pictures to be viewable and especially to have an optimum picture.

Obviously there is a reason why these have been replaced with the digital screen projectors. These were outdated in that they had tubes in them that were huge and the whole structure was heavy. By all definitions it was old.

The digital projectors are much easier to set up. One of the reasons is because of the smaller size. It is much easier to maneuver and also to set up for optimum viewing. The screen projectors are bright and have a vivid and sharp image. There are many different brands of digital screen projectors. The prices are much more economical than the CRT screen projectors. These can be purchased for about $700 and up. Many digital screen projectors have itemized specs listed. Be sure to check out the details before you buy. The presentation projectors tend to forfeit quality for brightness because these are typically used in larger conference rooms and the lighting is varied. For presentations such as PowerPoint slide shows the brightness or light power of the screen projector is essential. On the other hand when the family is watching their favorite sports team play the quality of the picture and the sharpness is the dominating need.

When you are in the market for screen projectors it is essential that you consider all your needs and your wants before settling on the type, style and quality of screen projector that you spend your hard earned money on. Know what you need and also know what you are buying.

digital screen projectors
Screen projectors Screen projectors screen projectors and home theaters
digital screen projectors